Our MISSION is to put 100 kids in college playing basketball


We need YOU to help us meet our goal. Every dollar you donate to F.A.S.T. goes directly towards the mission. From scholarships, grants, and financial-aid applications, test-taking tutors and test taking practice, study-hall, college-degree research, college visits, team practices, exposure tournaments, video services, high-level training and coaching, EVERY DOLLAR MATTERS!

We are pulling out ALL THE STOPS for your neighborhood youth. We humbly ask for your help in the MISSION to put kids in college and grow our community into the most SUCCESSFUL, COLLABORATIVE, and SUPPORTIVE community on this EARTH.Let’s work together and TRANSFORM LIVES!

Current Schools Represented on F.A.S.T.
Atlantic Coast High School, Mandarin High School, Orange Park High School, Ridgeview High School, Oakleaf High School, Bishop Kenny High School, Home School, Mandarin Middle School, Liberty Pines Middle School, Oakleaf Middle School, San Jose Catholic Middle School

Florida Amateur Select Team

Local basketball training in Jacksonville, FL. Our mission is to get 100 kids into college playing basketball. We are going to do that with a focused approach that puts the ownership on the PLAYER to take advantage of the program’s many resources.


Sign Ups are now open! Visit us Wednesdays and Fridays 6-8pm at 3844 Burnett Park Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32257

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About Florida Amateur Select Team

How do you become the BEST? Simple, by getting better EVERYDAY. From Trainer Certifications, to sports psychology classes, to video feedback, and experimentation daily we make sure not a day goes by that we haven’t learned something significant and important about our craft. It is more than helping players gain a physical advantage, it is about preparing players to squeeze the most out of every workout. Whether that’s with us, by themselves, or with a team.

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Contact Coach Tony Alicea at 904-476-9635 For program overview, volunteering, administrative questions, invoicing and/or payment.

To contact Coach Tyrone, please call 904-680-4995